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Privacy Proxy Terms

Effective from 07 February 2019. (View previous versions).

These Proxy/Privacy terms apply if a domain name is covered by a Proxy/Privacy registration, and are incorporated by reference into the terms of the registration agreement whose terms (including without limitation all warranties, indemnities, exclusions and limitations of liability) apply in full.

1. Definitions

In this agreement the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

“Registered Name Holder”

a person for whom a domain name is registered, and whose contact details are reflected in the WHOIS database for the relevant domain name. In the case of a domain name with a Proxy/Privacy Service, the Registered Name Holder means the person or entity who is the beneficial owner of the domain name.

“Proxy/Privacy Service”

a mechanism whereby a third party (the Proxy/Privacy provider) inserts their own details into the WHOIS database, so that the contact details of the person or entity for whom the domain name is registered are not published on the WHOIS.

2. Description of Proxy/Privacy Service

2.1 When You subscribe to our Proxy/Privacy Service, it means that you can usually keep your name, address and contact details hidden from the public WHOIS results. Instead, we will insert our standard Proxy/Privacy registration details into the domain name record.

2.2 We will retain your real contact details on our records, and in certain circumstances we may share those details with third parties or law enforcement, or withdraw the Proxy/Privacy Service and restore your real contact details.

2.3 The domain name will continue to be yours to use (subject to the terms of the Registration Agreement, and the Registrant Rights and Responsibilities), and you retain the full benefits of the domain name, and full responsibility for the domain name and its usage.

2.4 We will provide a mapping between the contact details published on your domain name’s WHOIS record and your real contact details. This will allow people to send you messages while protecting your private contact information. However, we cannot be responsible if you fail to receive such communications.

3. Your promises to keep your contact information accurate, and up to date.

3.1 Under the Proxy/Privacy Service, your contact information will not be published, but it is very important that you provide us with complete, accurate and up to date contact information.

3.2 You reaffirm your agreement to the provisions in the registration agreement relating to accurate information and your responsibility to provide and maintain accurate and reliable information.

3.3 You confirm that should you fail to keep your real contact details up to date, accurate and reliable, we may suspend or cancel the Proxy Privacy Service and/or the registration of the domain name.

3.4 You agree that you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords, login details or other information necessary for updating your domain name registration. You will notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised access to your account.

4. Our rights to disclose your information, or cease providing the Proxy/Privacy Service

4.1 We will reveal your real contact details in the following circumstances by providing them to a third party or, in our sole discretion, withdrawing the Proxy/Privacy Service:

4.1.1 Should a domain name dispute (whether under the UDRP or a related process) arise in relation to your domain name, and we are given evidence that you have failed to respond to a message conveyed through our Proxy/Privacy Service.

4.1.2 Where required by law, in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to abide by the law or in the interests of public safety.

4.1.3 To comply with any legal process served on us, or in response to a credible threat of litigation against us, as determined in our sole discretion.

4.1.4 To comply with ICANN rules, policies or procedures; or

4.1.5. to protect the integrity and stability of our technical systems or those of a third party.

5. Renewals, and stopping the Proxy/Privacy Service

5.1 The Proxy/Privacy Service will continue to apply through the renewal of the domain name, and any fees applicable to the Proxy/Privacy Service will be added to your renewal fee and payable in advance.

5.2 You may withdraw from the Proxy/Privacy Service at any time. No refund will be available.