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For Developers

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Add Netistrar plugins, code, and API functions with ease.

Enable your organisation to buy, sell and manage domain names directly from its website.

Use a rich Domain Name Search Results API

Instant domain availability status, RRP, your prices, domain suggestions (using Verisign's domains suggestion API), discounts, offers, domain registration, and more.

Netistrar search results

Configure White Label Communications

Easily configure White Label settings for all the compliance notices sent to your customers. Upload your brand, set your contact details, and more.

Netistrar white label communication settings

Top three features for developers

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1. Open Source Plugins

Our API client software is offered under an Open Source license, as well as the Kinikit and Kinibind dependent libraries.

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2. A Powerful API

Our comprehensive API provides low-level access to our system and services to include in your software.

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3. Back-end Control Panel

You don't have to develop integration software. Most functions can be completed manually using your back-end control panel.

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Add powerful domain name features to your systems.

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