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Enter a search term, this could be a name for your business, brand. Alternatively, search for a domain name you manage elsewhere to review options to transfer the domain name into your new account at Netistrar.
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Manage each domain name from a summary dashboard. Set DNS records, configure privacy settings, link the name to a website, setup email records, and more.
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We are now offering G Suite to all our customers at discounted rates. We also do all the setting up for you to make it work with your domain name. We are adding more services each month. Watch out for a new Website Builder and Hosting plans.
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Tailored services for Developers and Hosting Providers
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For Developers

All Netistrar customers have access to the same tools and features, but there are some that will be of particular interest to developers; API, programming language examples, plugins, and more.

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Margins, Reports
For Hosting Providers

Netistrar is good for businesses, organisations, not-for-profit, sole traders, public sector and more. If you are a hosting provider, trader or portfolio manager here are some features for you.

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