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Hosting Providers

Blurry arty server farm.

Use our Backend Domain Name Registrar Services.

We offer a number of industry standard integration options for you to offer domain name sales, registration, and management services seemlessly within your business.

Be compliant

Let us take care of your domain name complaince; domain name processing, statutory notices, enforcement, and data quality checks.

concept of icann RAA 2013

ICANN's lengthy Accreditation Agreement

Reduce complexity

Domain name management is complex, with 100's of management options, and difference routines for different suppliers (Registries). We'll take of all of that, you focus on your business.

Netistrar complexity overview

Top three features for hosting providers

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Easy configuration

From a single control panel, you control retail prices, margins, and your brand as it appears on compliance communications.

More features

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Bulk operations

Import domains in bulk, change contact details, adjust nameserver settings, and more.

More features

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Tools for your developers

We have a range of integration options for your developers; plugins for PHP, Java, Javascript and a rich API.

More features

The benefit of our experience.

Netistrar is a 'trusted partner' providing back-end domain name services for Krystal (UK's biggest independently owned hosting provider) and other global domain-name organisations. Our senior executives have 60 year's of experience between them working in the field of internet domain name management.

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Share the burden of domain name management.

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