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Developer Solutions

Whether you have an established system, or wish to establish a new domain name and website sales and management system, we have options for you.

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Built by developers, for developers.

The decision to build our own domain name sales and management platform, was born entirely out of frustration with existing systems and services. Our UK based development team has decades of internet system development, and the core components have been tried and tested in mission-critical systems.

For Developers
Copy code fragments to speed up development

Visit our plugin repo in Github to review code examples, to download our plugins and to use Open Source code as starter kits for your own Netistrar API integration.

Netistrar PHP API plugin in Github

Netistrar's Plugin Repo

For developers and managers
Review the API documentation

We have put together a set of useful Resources to get you started. Please revisit as this area is updated frequently. We also have comprehensive API documentation .

Netistrar control panel bulk feature section

Netistrar's Application Programming Interface documentation

Alternatively, use the control panel

If you haven't had time to programme your own, most functions including bulk operations can be performed using your back end control panel.

See Dashboard Overview

Netistrar Control Panel

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Are you interested in migrating established internet business or assets to Netistrar. Contact us for further assistance.