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Inter Registrar Transfer Policy to Feb 2019

Effective from 01 November 2018. (View previous versions).

This page will help you to move your domain name from your current registrar to Netistrar.

The process can be a bit fiddly, but if you follow these step by step instructions, it should work out smoothly. Netistrar are on hand to help you if you get stuck.

If your domain name was registered or transferred within the last 60 days, you need to wait for 60 days.

Here’s a summary:

With your current registrar:

  • Verify your contact details
  • Unlock the domain name
  • Get an authorisation code.

With Netistrar

  • Request a transfer in for the domain name
  • Enter the authorisation code (given by your current registrar) in our control panel. *Click the link in the email we send you, to confirm your intent to transfer

1. With your current registrar

a. Make sure your contact details are up to date and accurate

What? Your current contact details are listed on the WHOIS database. These have your name, address, email, phone and other contact details. Make sure that the registrant and/or administrative contacts (especially email address) are up to date and accurate.

If your domain name is currently protected with a privacy or proxy service, you will need to remove that before progressing with the transfer (contact your current provider). Netistrar has a proxy service, which we can put in place on transfer to our service.

Why? When you transfer your domain name, both we and your current registrar will need to write to you at the email address listed on the public WHOIS record for your domain name. If it doesn’t work, your domain name won’t be transferred.

How? Do a WHOIS search for the domain name, or Login to your current registrar’s control panel, or contact your current registrar and ask them to help you update your contact details.

b. Unlock your domain name

What? Some domain names are ‘locked’ as a security measure to prevent them from being hijacked or misused by people who have no rights to them.

Why? If a domain name is locked, it can’t be transferred.

How? Using your current registrar’s control panel, or with the assistance of your current registrar, unlock the domain name.

c. Get an authorisation code from your current registrar

What? The authorisation code is a security measure to ensure that you really do wish to transfer your domain name. When we process your domain name transfer, we will need to give that same authorisation code to your current registrar.

Why? The authorisation code acts as a token between your current registrar and ourselves, and helps to prevent hijacking or other abuse of your domain name.

How? Ask your current registrar to issue an authorisation code for inter registrar transfer. You can do this either through your current registrar’s control panel, or by contacting your current registrar’s customer support. Your current registrar should provide the code, and unlock your domain (see step 1b above) within 5 days of your request.

Once you have:

  • Verified your contact details
  • Unlocked your domain name
  • Obtained an authorisation code….

… Netistrar will be able to begin processing your domain name.

2. With Netistrar

a. Request a domain name transfer

What? We don’t charge for transfers in, but you do have to pay the renewal fee for your domain name.

Why? Most registries (apart from some country registries like .uk) require you to renew your domain name at the same time as you transfer it to another registrar.

How? Through Netistrar’s control panel, do a search for your domain name, and click the button that says “request a transfer”

b. Enter your authorisation code

What? Your current registrar gave you an authorisation code. You will need to enter that code into Netistrar’s control panel when you request a transfer.

Why? The authorisation code acts as a token between your current registrar and ourselves, and helps to prevent hijacking or other abuse of your domain name.

How? Enter the authorisation code in the box provided in our control panel during the ‘request a transfer’ process

What? We will send you an email (to the email address in the WHOIS record for your domain name) with a security code for the transfer.

Why? Our licence from ICANN requires us to make sure that you really have requested the transfer, and that it’s not an attempt by someone else to steal your domain name.

How? Click the “accept” button in our email. This will trigger the transfer process which should be completed within 5 working days.