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Domain Reseller Tools: API, Plugins & Whitelabel

The Netistrar Domain Name E-Commerce Platform is designed to help Resellers and Developers integrate domain name sales into their software and systems.

The platform already works for a number of global web service providers, including the UK’s largest independent web hosting provider and tens of thousands of domain names under management.


The website hosting industry continues to enjoy strong growth, with a myriad of industries benefiting from the scale efficiences and marketing advantages of E-Commerce and global reach through the internet.

At the heart of this ‘boom’ are domain names, driving traffic to websites and giving professional meaning to email addresses (the biggest ‘app’ in the world).

Increasingly, suppliers of internet services: hosting providers, developers, marketing agencies, e-commerce platforms, email providers, IP managers/lawyers/accountants, educational providers, and more, are looking to integrate domain name selling seemlessly into their sales workflow.

The Netistrar Platform offers a number of integration options for resellers, from ready-to-go multiple account management from a single dashboard to fully fledged software integration.

All these options are offered to all customers, with no hidden fees, or tier requirements.

Please note: we offer bulk discounts and options to pay in advance to facilitate speedy transactions.

A Single Management Dashboard

You don’t need to do any programming to start buying and selling domain names (and other products) at trade prices. You can perform all domain name trading operations from your control panel.

Features include: domain name management, bulk operations, purchasing and managing G Suite, security settings, and more. An overview of the dashboard is given in our Business section.

Application Programming Interface

Netistrar has two types of Application Programming Interface - The Reseller API and the White Label API, and a number of Client Libraries.

The Netistrar API

The Netistrar API is ideal for those with their own software platforms seeking to integrate domain name and email services into their backend services. Such customers typically have their own checkout and e-commerce services, and wish to add domain names as a product to those workflows.

In summary, the API is a fully REST based programmatic interface, using JSON format to send and receive data. For any authorised users, in addition to using our pre-built client libraries the API can be accessed using standard web service client libraries, such as CURL.

Some Reseller API highlights are given in the Developer’s Section of this website, and full documentation is provided in the Developer’s Help Documentation.

The White Label API

The White Label API is offered within a suite of White Label services. We provide full details of the White Label API service later in this article.

Client Libraries

The Netistrar client libraries wrap various calls to Netistrar’s Reseller REST API in a number of languages ready for integration into third party applications.

The libraries are offered under an Open Source License for developers to use freely in software and products.


The Netistrar PHP Client Library is hosted on our GitHub project at https://github.com/Netistrar/reseller-api-php.

Full documentation for the PHP Client Library is provided in our PHP Developer Help Documentation.


The Netistrar Java Client Library is hosted on our GitHub project at https://github.com/Netistrar/reseller-api-java.

Full documentation for the Java Client Library is provided in our Java Developer Help Documentation.

Getting started

To get started, please follow the instruction outlined in the Getting Started section of our API Help Documentation.


An official Netistrar WHMCS Plugin is now available as a public BETA at https://github.com/Netistrar/whmcs.

Please read our introductory blog article here. A summary of the features are as follows.

The plugin currently provides integration of Netistrar services into the WHMCS platform as a registrar plugin with support for registration and transfers of domains.

Key features include:

  • Registration of new domain names for more than 250 TLD extensions.
  • Management of existing names including Contact and Nameserver updates
  • Management of Private Nameservers (Glue records)
  • Support for Netistrar Privacy Proxy services.
  • Domain Renewals
  • Transfer in for GTLD domain names
  • Integration of Netistrar hinted domain searching as a Domain Lookup Provider including suggestions.

White label

White label services allow you to sell domain names and other Netistrar products using your own brand. Currently we support Whitelabel of communications to owners of domain names and other services e.g. Domain Registration emails for domains that you create for others within your control panel.

Owner Notification Services

Communication settings

Within your dashboard you can configure your own brand for any communications we send out to owners of domain names or other products (your customers).
This allows you to manage products on behalf of your customers without disrupting the direct relationship you might have with them.

Mark Robertshaw

Mark is Netistrar's Systems Architect and has developed domain name systems for the best part of two decades.

Published: , 764 Words.