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WHMCS: Sell Domain Names With Our Registrar Module

Netistrar’s WHMCS Registrar Module enables developers using the WHMCS Hosting Platform to sell Domain Names directly to their customers as a reseller.

WHMCS is an industry standard platform with a focus on web hosting automation targetted at businesses who wish to offer web hosting to their customers. As such, WHMCS does not provide services itself but rather enables the hooking up and gluing together of other services via plugins and modules.

Netistrar are developing a WHMCS registrar module which permits users of WHMCS to plug in Netistrar as the backend registrar for domain registrations / renewals and transfers.

Key features include:

  • Registration of new domain names for more than 250 TLD extensions.
  • Management of existing names including Contact and Nameserver updates
  • Management of Private Nameservers (Glue records)
  • Support for Netistrar Privacy Proxy services.
  • Domain Renewals
  • Transfer in for GTLD domain names
  • Integration of Netistrar hinted domain searching as a Domain Lookup Provider including suggestions.

The module is currently in public BETA testing. Please see the sections below for more information.

How does it work

The Netistrar WHMCS registrar module utilises the Netistrar API to provide tight integration with the WHMCS core workflow for domain registration and Management. This enables Netistrar trade customers who have signed up for API access to install and activate the module in their own installation of WHMCS by following a few simple and straightforward steps.

If you haven’t yet signed up for API access please create an OTE testing account.


You will need a working fully installed version of WHMCS with full writable access to the installed source base. We have developed this BETA module against the latest version of WHMCS (7.7) using PHP 7.1. At this stage support for earlier versions of WHMCS or PHP is not guaranteed.

To install the WHMCS registrar module you will need to download the latest zip file from Git hub here. Once downloaded and extracted you will need to copy the modules/registrars/netistrar subdirectory into the matching modules/registrars/netistrar directory in your WHMCS installation.


Once installed you will need to log into your WHMCS installation as an administrator and visit /admin/configregistrars.php. If the installation has been successful you should see the Netistrar module within the list as shown below:

Click activate and if successful the panel will automatically expand with configuration as shown below:

Choose the OTE environment (we strongly recommend substantial testing in OTE before using production credentials) and supply the API key and secret as obtained from within your OTE dashboard and click Save Changes.

After completing these steps the Netistrar registrar module will be active and you can start further configuration of the WHMCS core system to utilise the different features provided by Netistrar. Please refer to our detailed documentation for more information.

Help and documentation

For more help and detailed documentation please review the WHMCS documentation in our developers section.

Mark Robertshaw

Mark is Netistrar's Systems Architect and has developed domain name systems for the best part of two decades.

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