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Enter the Race for .UK


We are offering our customers the chance to pre-order up to 50 names each under a No win, No fee, No Guarantee policy.

To pre-order names….

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Click on .uk Pre-registration
  4. Enter each domain name to pre-register on a new line.
  5. We will then check if it is still available to be pre-registered.
  6. Top-Up your account by 30th June from My Account > Top Up

To view your existing pre-registrations

Click on .uk Pre-Registration > View My Pre-Registrations

You can also delete a pre-registration if you change your mind. Final pre-order lists will close on 1st July 2019 at 9am

Netistrar Pre-Order .uk Terms:

We are accepting one order per name as of Monday 17th June 2019.

Customers can pre-order up to and including 50 names each on a first come first served basis.

If a name becomes taken prior to the rights period closing at 06:00 BST on 25th June 2019 you can remove it from your pre-order list.

Our maximum quota will be 1000 names and we will have 9 requests per minute with Nominet. Our pre-order list will be split alphabetically and placed in five batches for each drop day (1st July - 5th July).

No fees are required until 26th June 2019 when the final drop lists are published and finalized. We must receive your topup credit before 30th June 2019.

Successful registration fee will be £4.99 + VAT. Which means for example 50 x £5.99 = £299.50 topup required by 30th June.

Your account will only be charged for successful orders. Any remaining credit will remain on your account.

All names will be registered under Privacy Proxy (Privacy Shield Ltd) to ensure a fast one contact creation.

Our standard Reseller Terms and Conditions apply.

Andrew Bennett

Andrew is founder and CEO of Netistrar and prior to that worked as Domains Manager at 123Reg for 6 years.

Published: , 303 Words.