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Taking Over an Existing Account

This is useful for those who wish to take over the management of an existing account, e.g. a business who has an employee who originally controlled the account, and has recently left the place of employment.

Firstly, try to contact the original account controller, and ask them to login to the account to change the email to one within your control.

If you have the security credentials (access to email/username and password) for the Netistrar account you can login to your dashboard. We strongly advise that you change the password to one that is only known to authorised account managers at the earliest convenience.

If you do not have the security credentials we need to make some security checks and then reset your access credentials including email and password.

Please provide us with as much information as you can to verify your ownership of the account and domains under management. We understand that some of this information may not be available to you, but as a regulated registrar (under ICANN RAA 2013) we are required to take proper steps before granting access to domain names under management.

  • A copy of the original order.
  • Answers to the security questions about yourself which would have been provided when setting up the account.
  • The email address of the account controller used at the time of establishing the account.
  • Official letterhead for your business or organisation.
  • A list of 1 or more domain names under your control.