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G Suite Enterprise Edition

Netistrar's G Suite Premium Edition office suite with advanced controls and capabilities and more.

 £ /user/month (ex. VAT)

In addition to everything available in G Suite Business, it includes features listed below.

  • Security Centre. Gain insights and take action with an Enterprise Security Dashboard. Monitor file sharing, authentication, spam, malware and encryption.
  • Enterprise vault features. Enterprise-grade access control, data loss prevention, S/MIME for Gmail, third-party archive integration, Gmail log analysis.
Purchase options:

Option 1:

If you already have a domain name that you manage with Netistrar.

Add from Dashboard

Option 2:

For a brand new business, email address - search for a domain name and then follow the options to add G Suite.

£ /user/month (ex. VAT)

Provided by Netistrar Limited (Google Authorised Reseller)


Type: Software as a service

Period: Monthly

Third-party terms: Google Terms

Principal Supplier: Google Inc.

Netistrar’s Role in Supply: Reseller and Support during setup. Support for upgrades and license quantity adjustments.


G Suite Enterprise is the premium suite of Google services. In addition to everything available in G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise offers enhanced security, controls, and customization, including access to the G Suite security center.

Premium administrative controls

With G Suite Enterprise, your organization can:

  • Enhance Google Drive security. Add another layer of protection to prevent sensitive information from being revealed to those who shouldn’t have it.
  • Scan email traffic for specific content, such as credit card or social security numbers. Set up policy-based actions when this content is detected.
  • Scan images for text. Identify and mitigate loss of confidential data in scanned images.
  • Use a third-party archiving product to store and discover mission-critical email.
  • Analyze Gmail logs in BigQuery, using advanced and customized queries.
  • Use S/MIME encryption to enhance email security.
  • Automate mobile device management tasks by setting custom rules that get triggered when suspicious events are detected.
  • Add user licenses any time