Domain investors

Consistently low costs and bulk transactions to ease your workflow

Helping you manage your precious profolio of domain names.

As a domain name investor (domainer), you manage a portfolio of domain names. You buy generic domain names at a low-cost because you are smart and recognise the value of the domain names before anybody else does, and you get there first.

At Netistrar, we strive to offer domain names to investors at consistently low rates. No hidden surprises, no over-inflated renewal rates, and big discounts for those of you who wish to sign up as resellers. We do not offer domain names at ludicrously low (loss-leading) rates – i.e. below costs – they are a trap.

Top 5 features for domain investors

  • Trade discounts (Reseller feature)
  • Bulk transactions (Partner feature)
  • FREE Basic e-mail forwarding*
  • Whitelabel customer dashboard (Reseller feature)
  • Easy Cloudflare FREE DNS integration

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*Up to 200 per domain per day. No service level, but good value for basic forwarding

Follow these steps to get maximum benefits.

1: Sign up as a Netistrar Partner.

2: Follow the ‘Sign up as a Reseller’ icon on your dashboard.