How it works

Pick the perfect domain name, and use it to run your business, organisation, club …

Research for a domain a name

Not sure which domain name to choose? Read our Tips for Choosing a Domain Name to help you decide. Try to find a domain name that suits your needs, and won’t clash with other people’s brands or idea. Use our Domain Name Chooser to give you ideas and check the availability of each domain.

Watch video – How to choose a domain name

Build a website

We can help you build a high quality business website with a content management system, or help you connect your domain name to a number of low-cost providers such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.  Contact us to discuss your hosting requirements.

Watch video – Connecting a domain name to a website

Get a personal email address

We can help you configure your domain name to have your own email address. Easily configure your domain name to work with GMail, Outlook or other providers. Alternatively, redirect all email from your domain name address to another account.

Watch video – Connecting a domain name to Google Gmail

Search for a domain

Enter your search term (business name, brand, club ..) and we will show you which domains are available to purchase or transfer.