Trade Account Sign Up and Subscription Purchase

Creating a trade account allows you to begin purchasing Netistrar domain names for yourself, or your business. The trade account control panel is easy to use, designed as a total solution for resellers.

Signing up for a trade account.

  1. Click the ‘Register’ button on the trade account page.
  2. Create a username and password (passwords much be at least eight characters, including a combination of letters and numbers).
  3. Check that you are happy with the terms and conditions, then tick the ‘I agree’ button.
  4. Enter your email address and check for a confirmation email. Then click on the link provided in your confirmation email.
  5. Now enter your mobile phone number. This is part of a two-step security process. You will be provided with a four digit code which you must enter into the ‘confirmation code’ field.trade_2factor_security


  6. Then fill in some of your basic personal information. You can enter either your name or business name depending on who you’re purchasing domains for. If you can’t find your address automatically, enter it manually. Phone and fax numbers are optional.
  7. Answer three personal security questions. This is in case you forget your password, or need to be identified over the phone.trade_memorable_info
  8. You have now set up your Netistrar trade account. The next step is to purchase a tiered subscription.trade_welcome_screen

Purchasing tiered subscription.

  1. Decide whether you would like a Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription. The benefits of each tier can be read about here.
  2. Click on the ‘Choose‘ button for whichever subscription you wish to purchase.trade_choose_tier
  3. You will then be given your billing information where you can review your order details and check terms and conditions.trade_order_summary
  4. When you are happy, click the ‘place order and pay‘ button. You will be redirected to the Paypal website where you must enter your login details.trade_payments
  5. Once you have completed your Paypal login, you will be returned to the Netistrar site where you can review your purchase. You will also be sent a confirmation email where you can review your order details at any time.
  6. Enjoy your new account and subscription benefits!