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Your privacy

A full explanation of Privacy Proxy services and requirements for domain name owners to display accurate information on public WHOIS servers is provided under our Privacy Proxy Terms.

To protect your domain name ownership information from public display on WHOIS records simply login to your control panel and click on any domain (under the ‘Domains’ menu item).

Control Panel privacy proxy settings
Control Panel privacy proxy settings

Click on the edit button and choose ‘Active’ to hide your private information from public WHOIS records, and choose ‘Inactive’ to display your domain name ownership and management information.

Note: Active privacy proxy records are replaced by registrar or reseller information by default. Note, laws require registrars to reveal domain name ownership information to anyone making a reasonable request, such as law enforcement and brand protection organisations.

Transfers and unlocking a domain name

To transfer domain names between registrars you must ensure that the WHOIS records contain accurate information. To unlock a domain name for transfer, deactivate Privacy Proxy settings to reveal the underlying Registrant information. It is this information that a new Registrar will use to verify domain name ownership during the domain name transfer process. Please note: private information is no longer protected by Privacy Proxy during the transfer process.