I’ve waited some time, and the system seems stuck.

Periodically, the domain name purchasing or checkout process can appear stuck, or slow.  The domain name purchasing process involving synchronising  your transactions with a number of third party services, online banking, registrant servers, which themselves may have their own bottlenecks.

Netistrar’s engineers work hard to keep the domain name purchasing process as smooth as possible for you, the customer.  If you encounter issues with a domain name purchase please consider the following.

  • Wait up to several minutes for the purchase to complete
  • Log into your account with a new browser  session, and review the domain name you have under your management (the purchase may have completed).
  • Also, review the email used to purchase your domain name and check the order.
  • Occasionally, a domain name purchase may have failed for a number of other reasons (premium name pricing, it may have been purchased by someone else during your session, a third party server may not be responding).

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any issues during the checkout and purchasing process