Control panel overview

The Control Panel is available for all registered users and is the area where you can manage your domains.

Accessing the Control Panel

Once registered login to your account using your username and password and you will be redirected to your Control Panel dashboard.  Here you will find a list of previously purchased domain names in a filtered table showing the domain name status, registrant/ownership details and expiry dates.


Netistrar - manage you online assets using simple tools
Netistrar – manage your online assets using simple tools

Editing a domain name

To edit the underlying data for any domain name that you manage simply click on any domain name and you will find a summary of the key data (ownership, billing, contact information, etc.) and options to ‘edit’ any of those details.

Please note: it is a requirement under domain name ownership rules to maintain accurate contact and ownership information for each domain name that you manage.

Netistrar provides tools to verify the accuracy of the data provided, please help us to keep your records up to date, and review your domain name information periodically.


Domain name settings screen
Domain name summary screen