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Contact Information: Hosting Providers and Trade Customers

We are always happy to talk to hosting providers and trade customers who may be interested in transferring business to Netistrar. We understand that you may have very specific needs and are always happy to commit technical and business resources to help smooth the process.

Although there is nothing to stop you simply signing up, we are always happy to discuss others ways we may be able to help you. For example, custom co-marketing, microsites, marketing and pricing, system’s integration, and assistance with API and module development.

We have domain name business experts, and platform API developers who are happy to talk through your specific requirements. We have worked with a number of major hosting providers and experience of transferring their business, in whole or part, to Netistrar. They are now saving costs and gaining benefits.

Please review our materials for trade customers and hosting providers, including helpful articles, solutions, and resources and do please email our support team with any specific enquiries.