Buying domain names with a trade account

Once you have a Netistrar trade account set up, you can use it for the purchase of domain names, which you can then resell to clients, or keep for your own personal or business use.

  1. First, sign in to your Netistrar trade account. You can read about creating a trade account here.


  2. Once in your dashboard, search for domain names in the top searchbar.
  3. Wait for your search results to load.


  4. You can search for more generic domain names such as .COM .UK or .ORG.UK by ticking the ‘Generic’ box on the left.


  5. Find a domain name that suits your usage, for example a .UK domain would suit a UK based business, or a charity may want a .ORG.UK domain name. Once you have decided, click ‘Add’. (NB: The prices displayed are part of the test site and do not accurately represent the prices of real domain names.)


  6. You can continue shopping, but the domain name price will be added to your shopping basket. When you have selected all the domain names you wish to purchase, click the ‘Continue’ or ‘Checkout’ buttons. (NB: Price displayed is part of the test site and does not accurately represent the prices of real domain names.)
  7. You will then be given address options.

    You can select ‘Use my account details’ to use the contact information you provided Netistrar with upon sign up (this will be displayed so that you can confirm details).

    If you have specific details that you have already used for a domain name, then you can select the domain name from the dropdown in order to display and use the same contact details you used for that domain name.

    Or you can add a new owner for this domain name, in which case you will be asked to fill in new contact information.

  8. Privacy Proxy can be selected and changed later if wanted. If you select the tickbox, your personal information (or that of your clients) will not be available within public WHOIS records. The contact details for Netistrar will be displayed instead.
  9. Once you have confirmed your address details you will be taken to an order summary where you can review your order details including your domain name and its price.


  10. You can pay for your domain name using your account balance (money that you will have already paid into your account when you purchased membership). This makes the purchase of domain names quick and easy as you don’t have to fill out all your payment details again.
  11. If is well, you will receive an order confirmation.


  12. If you click on your profile icon, you will be taken to your Dashboard.buy_profile


  13. You should then be able to see your new domain name along with all your other domains. (NB: It may not be visible on the first page, in this case, our ‘’ domain has appeared on the third page.)

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new domain name.