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Domain names at trade prices

No deposit, no sign up fees. It's as simple as searching for a domain name, adding to cart, and checking out.

You get great prices, great management tools and more discounts as you buy more domains.

What do you mean by Trade Prices?

Ok - not silly prices (see faq) - but it is our policy to offer consistently low, competitive and fair prices, and more discounts as you buy more domains.

Earn income

(Optional) Earn income as a domain name trader:

  1. buy your domains from Netistrar at trade prices,
  2. add your own margin, and
  3. earn income.
Save costs

If you are starting to collect domain names:

  1. easily transfer them to Netistrar,
  2. manage them better using a UK company, and
  3. save costs.

Compare tiers

With tiers starting at 1 domain, you get additional benefits and bigger discounts as you increase the number of active domains in your account.

Starter Pro Trader
No. of domains
Active domains in your account
No. of domains
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Frequently asked questions

How do I transfer domain names to Netistrar?

It's easy to transfer domains to Netistrar. This is a good option if you would like to:

  • Manage your domain names from the UK.
  • Purchase and renew domain names at trade prices.
  • Consolidate a portfolio.

To get started simply search for a domain that you own and follow options to transfer the name to us. If you have any issues, or would like our team to assist please contact our support team.

What is the VIP plan?

Our VIP plan offers tailored rates and migration assistance to established internet businesses, or those seeking to establish an internet business with co-marketing resources.

Please contact our support team for further details.

Do I need to sell domains?

No. This is a service tailored for businesses, IT professionals, domainers, organisations who may manage domains on behalf of others, or manage a portfolio of domains.

There is nothing to stop you as an individual deciding that want to do that. Many customers set up a trade account for themselves to benefit with our services and great rates.

How do I get started?


  • No fees, no deposit.
  • Search for a domain.
  • If you already own it, follow the steps to transfer it to Netistrar.
  • If you don't, buy it.

What to I do, once I've bought a domain?

Go to your Dashboard to manage it. Read the help docs to learn about:

  • Domain Name Settings (DNS).
  • Pointing the domain to a website.
  • Setting up email.

Tell me more about your trade prices?

Netistrar is not in the business of offering domains at a loss to hook you in. Others may offer names for free, 1p, or free for the first year, for example - if you pay for 2 years up front. There is nearly always a catch!

We offer domains at trade prices, and aim to keep costs low by offering services that are tailored to business customers, IT professionals and domain traders with larger portfolios. Our prices have remained consistently low, predictable and competitive since we started trading in 2013.

What next?

Think of a word, name, idea for a business, brand - or a domain that you own - and search for it in the box below.