Sign up as a Netistrar Partner and get benefits

Netistrar, manages world wide names (domain names) from the UK.  As businesses and organisations increasingly rely upon domain names to deliver services, to steer customers towards marketing information, to provide unique email addresses, and to underpin their brand, it is vital that those domain names are managed by people you can trust.

Netistrar’s Partnership Programme aims to provide businesses and organisation with domain name registration and management services that bridge the gap between budget domain name services aimed at the mass-market, and more niche high-cost domain name consultancy services who typically focus on brand protection and legal aspects (i.e very costly).

Partner Benefits

As a Netistrar Partner you get a number of benefits including bulk transactions, priority support and pay on account. Review our full features for partners to discover more.

Who qualifies for a Partner Account?

Any business individual or organisation can apply to be a Netistrar partner, there is no minimum number of domain names, turnover, or payments required to become a Netistrar partner. The services and benefits are aimed towards businesses and organisations who typically manage a number of internet assets, domain names, websites, email addresses, and are seeking a higher of support, security, and quality services than those typically offered to the mass market. As a partner you are a business customer, not a consumer, and can expect business services and benefits.

Why Partner, why not just Business customer or some other name?

The domain name market is more involved in the structural aspects of a business, than say, a bank, or airline company which typically offers business services without having any involvement in the businesses of their customers.  As a partner, we as Netistrar recognise you as  key player in the delivery of safe internet services.  As a partner, you recognise our mutual inter-dependency in delivering core aspects of your business.  We are helping you manage your brand and online identity, not merely providing you with something nice!

Sign up as a Partner


In addition to the Netistrar Partner, we are inviting any business partners to sign up as a reseller.  The reseller tier will be of interest to the following:

  • IT professionals and others who manage domain names on behalf of others.
  • Business individual who which to sell domain names at a profit
  • Those who manage a portfolio of domain name and wish to trade in domain names at reduced costs.

How to become a reseller

To become a reseller you must first sign up as a Partner and then agree to additional terms, pay a one-off payment on account, and provide additional security credentials.

If you are already a Partner, click on the ‘Sign up as a Reseller’ icon in your dashboard to become a Reseller.

Transition arrangements for current Resellers and Gold and Silver Members

All customers who were signed up as Resellers (both Gold and Silver tiers) prior to February 2017 will be automatically transitioned to the Partner (inc. Reseller) status.  They will have been written to prior to the transition.