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About Netistrar

The business of the internet is changing. Online businesses are enjoying huge growth and billions of new internet users are opening up businesses online. Nestistrar founders, Oxford Information Labs provide website, domain name and email services for corporate customers. They needed a supplier they could trust. In 2013, together with Domain Name Industry expert, Andrew Bennett, they decided to set up their own.

The domain name registrar services for UK customers were poorly served. We needed a UK-based Registrar we could trust. We decided to set up our own. Now people have a choice – you can buy cheap elsewhere, or get good-value, safe, quality domain name, website and DNS services in the UK.

Lucien Taylor Founder

The founders

Andrew Bennett image

Andrew Bennett

CEO, Netistrar

Emily Taylor image

Emily Taylor

CEO, Oxford Information Labs

Lucien Taylor image

Lucien Taylor

Product Development Director, Oxford Information Labs

Mark Robertshaw image

Mark Robertshaw

CTO, Oxford Information Labs

Netistrar’s history

Establish in 2013, Netistrar was founded by four domain name industry experts with an impressive list of industry achievements.

At the heart of Netistrar, is a world-class software development team, who have built software for Government bodies, schools, the BBC, the Insurance Industry, Charities, Not-For-Profit Organisations, Retail Industry, and more. We are proud to have developed Netistrar’s software and systems from the ground up, offering our customers unique benefits and impressive features.


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