Meet the team

Netistrar established in 2013, was founded by a group of key players in the domain name industry, who as experts in the fields of internet law, governance, and domain name trade and reselling were dissatisfied with the status quo. The dominance of the mainly foreign owned domain name Registrar businesses creates poor value for the UK domain name trader and brand investor. Netistrar seeks to redress the balance, providing innovative cataloguing and trading tools to domain traders, and opportunities to maximise profit.


Andrew Bennett Founder CEO

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Andrew Bennett is CEO of Netistrar and has worked in the domain name industry for 15 years. He founded Whois-Search while at University in 2002 and quickly became a secondary market expert. Andrew was elected to the Nominet Policy Advisory Body (PAB) for two years in 2007. Later he worked for 123-Reg as Domains Manager for 6 years before the Hosteurope Group was sold for 438 million pounds in July 2013. He co-founded Netistrar in October 2013.


Emily Taylor Founder, Legal & Policy

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Emily Taylor has worked in the field of Internet Governance for 15 years, is an author and much sought after moderator and public speaker. She has worked for the biggest names in the internet industry, ICANN, Verisign, EURid, Nominet and is a co-author of a number of Governmental technology and policy reports.


Lucien Taylor Founder, Technical Design & Product Development

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Lucien Taylor founder and co-director of Netistrar, has worked in the field of software development and systems architect for 15 years. His development company OXIL Internet Systems provides the core backend ‘control panel’ systems for Netistrar. He has delivered innovative solutions for clients including BBC, Local/Central Government, Unesco and many Domain Name organisations.